Common Problems with Solar Hot Water Heater

Common Problems with Solar Hot Water

Dealing with some of the most common problems with solar hot water in your home or business? Not sure why your solar heater is suddenly not producing sufficient hot water as needed? Solar Haus can take a look at your existing solar water heater system no matter your location in Malaysia. We can assist you if you’re located in Selangor, Kepong, USJ, PJ, Melaka, Penang, or Shah AlamSolar Haus operates in many areas as well. Message us to know whether we’ve got your area within our coverage. 

Most Common Problems with Solar Hot Water--- Are These Fixable?

With exceptional warranties in place for most kinds of solar water systems, it may seem like a solar water heater is damage-proof. But just like any kind of heating system, a solar heater may no longer work as efficiently as it did, or — worse — it may stop working altogether. So, what are some of the most common problems with solar hot water systems?  

  • Tripped or damage booster 
  • Heater not producing hot water 
  • Breakage of heating elements
  • Temperature valve damage 
  • Heating element breakage 
  • Non-working thermostat
  • Transfer fluid leaks, and more

Common Problems with Solar Hot Water Heater? Solar Haus Can Help

Addressing the most typical issues with a solar water heating system can prolong its functional life. This allows you to get the best ROI out of your solar water heater in Shah Alam, Melaka, Penang, Selangor, or PJ. At Solar Haus, we can maintain your Aqua Solar, SUMMER, Mysolar, or Smart Solar systems to help avoid the most common problems with solar hot water heater. From leaking panels and malfunctioning thermostats to poorly functioning pressure temperature valves, we can address all of these in almost no time. Call us at Solar Haus to book your appointment with us. Or message us for a commitment-free consultation. 

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