Summer Solar Water Heater Reviews

Install a SUMMER solar water heating system for your home or office premises today. Known for their lineup of efficient and affordable water heaters, the brand has been serving a vast range of clientele in and out of Malaysia since 1980. A SUMMER water heater allows you to heat water on demand while sourcing the sun for free, renewable, and sustainable thermal energy. Take advantage of the most affordable SUMMER water heater price when you choose Solar Haus as your professional installers and solar system experts. 

SUMMER Water Heater Installation

When it comes to proper SUMMER water heater installation, roof positioning, orientation, and capacity are just some of the few crucial considerations. High sun absorption solar panels ensure maximum solar power while its stainless steel tank is well-insulated and built to be corrosion resistant. By following the right process for a SUMMER water heater installation, getting the best benefits out of a SUMMER water heater is easy. 

SUMMER Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Any solar water heating system requires periodic maintenance. A well-maintained unit will continue to produce warm to hot water efficiently. Leaks, cracks, and dents can be better addressed in a timely manner when there are optimal maintenance procedures in place. Whether it’s a SUMMER water heater repair or a SUMMER water heater maintenance procedure you require, we can always help. Get in touch with us at Solar Haus so we can look at the SUMMER solar water heater model that requires maintaining or fixing. Need an upgrade? Message us so we can talk about efficiency and capacity requirements on specific models.

SUMMER Water Heater Product Models

Summer TX

300TX | 180TX

Summer SX

300SX | 180SX

Summer CX

450CX | 400CX | 300CX | 270CX | 180CX

SUMMER Water Heater Installation and Maintenance from Solar Haus

Choose SUMMER as your solar water heater brand to take advantage of more than 20 years of life expectancy on your solar hot water heating system. Call us at Solar Haus if you need a new SUMMER solar water heater or immediate SUMMER water heater installation or SUMMER water heater maintenance and repair.

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