Solar Water Heater Melaka

Choose a solar water heater Melaka to ensure sufficient and dependable water heating in your home or business within the area. With a solar heating system in place, you can ditch conventional heating systems which are often too expensive to maintain — especially where high electricity costs are concerned. Make Solar Haus your trusted solar water heater installer Melaka — we have branded solar water heating systems for residences, businesses, and commercial spaces. Best of all, these are sold at the best prices. Take advantage of the hot and humid climate of Melaka. Start shopping for a solar system here. 

Solar Water Heater Melaka Issues and Problems

If you have a system in place that is not working 100%, our team at Solar Haus can help. We have sufficient experience as solar water heater installer Melaka also specialising in maintenance work and repairs

  • Insufficiently heated water 
  • Tank and panel leaks 
  • Defective pressure temperature valves
  • Malfunctioning heating booster 
  • Noisy heating 
  • Pipe clogging problems
  • And other issues 

Depending on the specific problem with your solar water heater, we can fix the issue, replace certain components, or simply carry out the necessary maintenance work. 

Solar Water Heater Melaka Installer Team from Solar Haus

With the hot and humid climate of Melaka, getting a solar heater will be to your advantage. A solar water heater Melaka can lead to significant savings on heating expenses without a compromise on hot water access on any day. Hire our team at Solar Haus as your solar water heater Melaka installer today. We can also repair and maintain your units as needed while keeping service fees low and reasonable. Choose from the various models of Aqua Solar, Solartech, SUMMER, Mysolar, Solar Plus, and Solarwave heaters to name a few. Message us today to get started.


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  • Bukit Katil
  • Cheng
  • Durian Tunggal
  • Hang Tuah Jaya
  • Jasin
  • Klebang
  • Kuala Sungai Baru
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