Solar Water Heater Penang

Choose a good brand of solar water heater Penang from us at Solar Haus. As your accredited solar water heater installer Penang, we can install, maintain, and repair your systems at home or in your business premises. The tropical humid weather in Penang can give your system the best solar boost — so you get hot water on any day without worrying about huge energy costs. Allow us at Solar Haus to help from installation to repair. 

Solar Water Heater Penang Issues and Problems

The solar water heater can be one of the most hardworking units in your household or business. And while these systems are built to last and often come with the best warranties, certain issues may crop up now and again. To fix any problem with your solar water heater Penang, our team at Solar Haus is always ready to help. The following are some of the issues for which a solar water heater installer Penang can address:

  • Malfunctioning water heating element 
  • Pipe damage 
  • Water tank problems 
  • Leaking panels 
  • Leaking transfer fluids 
  • No hot water production 
  • Others 

Choose Solar Haus as your dependable source and expert on heavy-duty solar water heating systems. 

Solar Water Heater Installer Penang from Solar Haus

With Penang’s hot and humid climate, your home is within the best location for optimal solar heating access. A trusted solar water heater installer Penang can help you pick the best systems considering your unique specifications and requirements. When it comes to choosing a solar water heater Penang, certain brands come to mind. Solar Haus makes sure you have access to some of the best brands available, including Solar Plus, SUMMER, Solartech, Solarmate, Aqua Solar, and more.  Message us today to know more or to book a free consultation. Our numbers are open 24/7. Connect with us at once. 

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