Microsolar Water Heater Reviews

Bring the efficiency of a Microsolar water heating system to your doorstep and have convenient access to hot water at any time. A Microsolar water heater is known for its thermosiphon feature, designed first by the brand through the ingenuity of its developer, architect Siang T. Teoh. Here at Solar Haus, we can readily assist you with your Microsolar solar water heater installation and repair requests. Hunting for the most reasonable Microsolar solar water heater price rates? Get in touch with us for your solar heating needs and requirements. 

Microsolar Solar Water Heater Installation

Should you attempt to perform a Microsolar solar water heater installation on your own? While anyone with a background in solar heating systems can DIY their way into a Microsolar installation, the work of professionals can never be discounted. Proper Microsolar solar water heater installation ensures the proper placement of the system’s double-glazed panels, stainless steel tanks, and more. Identifying the ideal area within the home or property is one of the most crucial responsibilities of installers. 

For a Microsolar solar water heater repair, however, you cannot go wrong by relying on professionals. The benefits of a fully working solar water heater can be compromised if the system is no longer working properly. Trust Solar Haus to assist you and your household with any Microsolar solar water heater maintenance process or urgent repairs.

Microsolar Water Heater Product Models

  • Microsolar M80VTHE (360 litres)
  • M55 252 Litres Microsolar (40 valves)
  • Microsolar M60VTHE (264 litres)
  • M55 264 litres Microsolar (32 valves)

Microsolar Water Heater Installation from Solar Haus

Message us at Solar Haus for an installation request on a Microsolar water heating system. For prompt Microsolar solar water heater maintenance and repair, send us a message for you to get started. Having your very own solar water heater with Microsolar built systems ensures savings of at least 90% of your monthly utility bills – if this isn’t savings, we don’t know what is. Talk to us today to request for professional Microsolar solar water heater installation

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