Formosa Stainless Steel Water Tank

Install a Formosa stainless steel water tank for your water storage and heating needs in your home, office, or business building. Each Formosa tank is designed and built with durability, anti-rust capabilities, and hygienic qualities in mind. Looking for the best deals on a Formosa stainless steel water tank price? We have some of the best prices this side of Malaysia for your Formosa tank needs. We can also help install these tanks on your premises. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. 

Formosa Stainless Steel Water Tank --- Always a Great Choice

  • FORMOSA – FHR25 (250L) 
  • FORMOSA – FHR50 (500L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR300 (3000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR150 (1500L)
  • FORMOSA – FHHR200 (2000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHHR150 (1500L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR100(1000L
  • FORMOSA – FHR200 (2000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR400 (4000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR600 (6000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR500 (5000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR800 (8000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR1000 (10000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR1500 (15000L)
  • FORMOSA – FHR2000 (20000L)

The Formosa Stainless Steel Water Tank Difference

See the Formosa water tank difference for yourself. With its 20-year warranty offers, 316-grade stainless steel (Rolex material), and sediment-draining features, you know you’re getting one of the best offers as far as water storage tanks go. Stainless steel tanks, in general, are also more advantageous than concrete or plastic tanks in terms of durability, anti-corrosion capabilities, and water hygiene preservation. 

Formosa Stainless Steel Water Tank Price Offers from Solar Haus

Get top-grade water tanks here at Solar Haus, including the best ones from Formosa. Durable, easily drainable, and with excellent holding capacity, a Formosa stainless steel water tank can be the perfect storage tank for your home or business premises. Not quite sure which Formosa tank model to choose? Connect with us at Solar Haus so we can get started on helping you pick the Formosa stainless steel water tank you need at the best price rates. 

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