Solar Water Heater Ipoh

A solar water heater Ipoh installed in your residence or business premises will surely lead to positive changes in your energy consumption and expenses. With Ipoh’s humid climate all year round, going solar is surely one of the most sensible choices you can make.  Hire one of our trusted teams of solar water heater installer Ipoh —- we can dispatch them to you at once. Now is the time to make an eco-friendly choice when it comes to water heating systems. Take a look at our brands: Aqua Solar, Solarwave, Microsolar, Solar Plus, and more. 

Solar Water Heater Installer Ipoh --- Fast and Easy

The time and effort required in the installation of a solar water heater Ipoh will depend on several factors. Your area, roofing size, capacity requirements, and other considerations will need to be looked into. After successful installation, solar water heater installer Ipoh can also maintain and repair your unit as needed. For a solar water heater repair service, we can take a look at and address water heating issues such as: 

  • Leaking panel 
  • Clogged-up pipes
  • Corrosion and deterioration
  • Water tank leaks
  • Pressure temperature valve problems 
  • Malfunctioning thermostat 
  • And others 

We can schedule a visit to your site in Ipoh to determine the root of your water heating issues. Get in touch with us today.

Solar Water Heater Ipoh --- Solar Haus Installers Are Here

Make sure that you’re choosing the right solar water heater Ipoh, considering the tropical climate in the area. Some of the best brands of solar water heaters like SUMMER, Solar Plus, and Smart Solar have indirect solar absorption features or backup tanks that still heat water on demand even on cloudy or rainy days. Choose us at Solar Haus as your solar water heater installer Ipoh. We can also diagnose, evaluate, and repair issues on your existing systems. Contact us today to get started on your appointment. 

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