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Pecol Solar Water Heater Reviews

Install a Pecol water heater in your home to get access to ready, clean, and hot water on demand. From cleaning and cooking to sanitising, the benefits of a Pecol solar water heater are vast and varied. Source your next solar water heating system from us at Solar Haus. For every Pecol solar water heater price, you’re not only getting a reliable solar water heater — you’re also connected to some of the most trusted installers and repair experts in this part of Malaysia. Message us at Solar Haus so you can start scouting for the Pecol water heater model ideal for your household or business needs. 

Pecol Solar Water Heater Installation

The best use of a Pecol water heater starts with its proper installation. What good is a perfectly working heater if this has not been installed properly? At Solar Haus, we can take care of installation jobs whether it’s installing the panels or collectors, making sure you have the right pressure relief valves, or identifying pertinent building codes in your area. For every Pecol solar water heater installation, you get a modern and innovative solar water heating system that easily blends into the exterior of your home while supplying you with hot water at any time.

Pecol Solar Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

If you need spare parts replacement on a Pecol solar water heater or require more extensive Pecol solar water heater repair, we’re the team for you. We also carry valuable warranties on the spares parts we carry. With regular Pecol solar water heater maintenance, you can get the best benefits out of your water heating system. Solar Haus can supply you with valves, thermostat, and heating elements on a Pecol solar water heater.

Pecol Water Heater Models

  • PS-M2-66 
  • PPS114
  • PPS136
  • PPS23
  • PPS57
  • PPS68
  • PPS91
  • PPS25
  • PPS34
  • PPS45

Pecol Solar Water Heater Installation at Solar Haus

From simple installation and basic maintenance to the more complex Pecol solar water heater repair solutions, our team at Solar Haus is your ready help. When done right, a Pecol solar water heater installation can give you tons of savings, especially for the long term. Talk to us at Solar Haus for any Pecol solar water heater maintenance concern, installation request, or repair issue

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