Joven Instant Water Heater

JOVEN Instant Water Heater Malaysia

Install a JOVEN instant water heater Malaysia in your home or business to take advantage of ultra-fast heating and temperature adjustability. Get in touch with us to take advantage of more affordable JOVEN instant water heater Malaysia price rates. JOVEN water heaters are known for their compact and stylish designs, making them a great choice for smaller bathrooms in homes, apartments, and condominiums. Need to look for a specific model for your JOVEN water heater? Talk to us at Solar Haus. 

JOVEN Instant Water Heater Malaysia Benefits

With an instant water heating system, there’s no need to rely on a storage tank, which can lead to high electricity costs. Get the most benefits out of a JOVEN instant water heater Malaysia price upon installation through huge savings on your electrical bill. 

JOVEN Instant Water Heater Models

Choose from a range of water heater units from JOVEN: 

  • SE Series 
  • SF Series 
  • SB11 Series 
  • SC33 Series 
  • SL30 Series 
  • I Series 
  • SA Series
  • 8 Series 
  • 500 Series 
  • EC Series 

Here at Solar Haus, we can help you choose the water heater model you need from JOVEN. From installation and maintenance to repair, our team can provide you with the right services. 

JOVEN Instant Water Heater Malaysia Price --- We Have the Best Prices at Solar Haus

Enjoy fully the benefits of an instant water heating system from JOVEN, renowned for being the first manufacturer of electric water heating systems in Malaysia. Get as much as 34% energy efficiency with a JOVEN instant water heater Malaysia, especially for a household that utilises 41 gallons of hot water or less daily. Ready to purchase or install your own JOVEN water heater? Call us or message us today at Solar Haus to get started. 

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