Puregen Water Filter

Installing a Puregen water filter helps to ensure better health and safety for your family. Water contamination is a serious issue — it can lead to grave health problems from gastrointestinal issues to skin irritation concerns. With a Puregen outdoor water filter installed in your home, you can say goodbye to dirty, contaminated, and unsafe drinking water. Whether you have babies, elderly, or recuperating family members at home, having a trustworthy water filtration system is crucial. Talk to us at Solar Haus for your Puregen water filter needs today. 

Puregen Outdoor Water Filter: Benefits and More

The Puregen brand of water filtration systems has been around since 1995, providing homes and buildings with clean, safe, and better-tasting drinkable water on demand. With their excellent lineup of Puregen outdoor water filter systems, the brand is found in many residences and even businesses across Malaysia. One of the filtration technologies employed in a Puregen water filter is Microcite media, known to remove sediments, mud, silts, and particles from water coming in from city or well sources. Whether for drinking, cooking, cleaning, or laundry washing, filtered water is best for optimum health. Allow us at Solar Haus to help you install your own Puregen outdoor water filter at home today.

Puregen Water Filter Models

  • PureGen PGM-1054
  • PureGen PGM-942
  • PureGen PGM-1044

Install Puregen Water Filter from Solar Haus

Known for its reliable Reverse Osmosis Systems, Puregen is one of the best manufacturers of water filtration systems all over the globe. If you’re looking for a reliable Puregen water filter installation team, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Here at Solar Haus, we make it easy and accessible for you to get the Puregen outdoor water filter for your home, office, or business. Check out our selections of Puregen water filters or request for an installation, maintenance, or repair service from us. 

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