Solartech Water Heater Reviews

Solartech is a pioneering name when it comes to solar water heating systems in Malaysia and all over the world. Known for flexible systems that cater to residential and commercial applications, Solartech continues to promote brand reliability among its growing clientele. With a Solar tech water heater, you get highly efficient solar heating mechanisms that produce hot water for a wide range of residential and commercial uses . High sun absorption capacity coupled with durable external materials make any Solar tech water heater price worth it.

Solartech Water Heater Installation

A professional Solartech water heater installation saves time, effort, and money. From mounting the solar collectors to determining building codes and regulations in your area, professional services can maximise on time and eliminate superfluous steps that can cause needless stress and expenses. Whether for a Solartech solar water heater installation or solar water heater maintenance, getting the help of experts is always a step in the right direction. 

Solartech Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Solartech is known for carrying some of the best brands in the industry — SUMMER, HeatFirst, Meru, and Kinetico. These brands are built to last for decades; however, a long-lasting solar water heating system can be better achieved through routine maintenance and thorough checkups. Solartech water heater maintenance can include checking for collector performance or making sure there are no leaks or cracks in the collector or tank. As for a Solartech water heater repair, an accredited repair technician can take care of fluid circulation problems, storage tank overheating, freezing or blocking, and many other issues. 

Solartech Water Heater Product Models

  • HeatFirst 
  • Meru 
  • Kinetico

Solartech Water Heater Installation from Solar Haus

If you’re looking for the best Solar tech water heater price for brands such as SUMMER and HeatFirst, get in touch with us at Solar Haus. We have Solartech water heater installation and Solartech water heater repair and maintenance services, too, at the best rates. Solar Haus is your professional team to call on for solar water systems installation and repairs. Shoot us a message today

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