Solarwave Water Heater Reviews

Bring Solarwave solar heating to your home or business premises. A Solarwave water heater is known for its heating innovation and product efficiency — especially with its Inner Coil designed for maximum heat preservation and Evacuated Vacuum tubes for optimal insulation. Ensure water heating safety in your household — and with the absence of electricity leakage and the possibility of electrical failures, you can comfortably soak in hot water in peace. Looking for the best Solarwave water heater price? Check out our offerings here at Solar Haus.

Solarwave Water Heater Installation

Whether it’s a full Solarwave water heater installation or the installation of parts such as heating elements and PT valves for pressure temperature relief, we can do the work for you. Regardless of your location and the atmospheric conditions within your property, there is a Solarwave water heater meant for your needs. Our team at Solar Haus can identify which models are best for your location. Allow us to take charge of your Solarwave water heater installation today.

Solar Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

With the huge energy savings of a Solarwave water heater, you’ll want to get the best use out of it for many years. But what happens if a Solarwave water heater repair is needed? Can you do it all on your own? Troubleshooting potential problematic areas can be part of a regular Solarwave water heater maintenance procedure. Some areas that may require maintenance are the pipes, tripped booster, and checking the panels for cracks and leaks, among others. For repairs, however, you’ll want to only deal with professionals. Call us at Solar Haus for an assessment of the extent of your Solarwave water heater repair needs.

Solarwave Water Heater Models


  • SW-60
  • SW-80


  • S-60
  • S-80

Solarwave Water Heater Installation Services at Solar Haus

When it comes to choosing a solar water heating system in Malaysia, you need a brand known for product qualityexcellent service, and avant-garde innovation. A Solarwave water heater will not disappoint. For Solarwave water heater repair and maintenance, work with us at Solar Haus. Call us today to set an appointment or schedule an installation. 

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