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Solar Water Heater Klang Valley

Make a wise move by choosing a solar water heater Klang Valley instead of a more conventional water heater. The Klang Valley region is known for having hot weather throughout most of the year. This makes the destination a perfect candidate for installing and maintaining reliable solar water heating systems. For a solar water heater installer Klang Valley you can trust, get in touch with us at Solar Haus. We carry the best brands in Malaysia as well as renowned manufacturers in other parts of the world. 

Solar Water Heater Installer Klang Valley

A solar water heating system will, no doubt, work hard for your household or business. It can also save you tons where energy expenses are concerned. Nevertheless, a solar heating system requires periodic maintenance and important repairs from time to time. As your solar water heater installer Klang Valley, we’re also experts on repairs: 

  • Heating element not working
  • Tripped booster
  • Lukewarm to cold water production 
  • Poorly-functioning temperature valve
  • Panel leaks 
  • Water tank leaks 

With warranties in place, you will have access to the therapeutic comfort of hot water on any day. No need to do the difficult maintenance work on your own — which can involve climbing up roofs or cutting down tree branches to prevent shading. Maintain or repair your solar water heater Klang Valley with our help at Solar Haus. 

Install a Solar Water Heater Klang Valley via Solar Haus

With the ideal climate conditions of Klang Valley for solar access and absorption, there’s virtually every reason for you to invest in this system. Solar Haus is your trusted solar water heater installer Klang Valley. Need periodic maintenance or repairs on your existing water heaters? Avail of our affordable services today. We can service any brand of solar water heater including Solarmate, SUMMER, Aqua Solar, Mysolar, Solar Plus, and more. Call us! 

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