Solarmate Water Heater Reviews

Solarmate water heaters are built using innovative solar heating technologies, making the brand a top choice in terms of eco-friendly water heaters. First established in the 1980s as a manufacturer and service provider of solar water heaters in Malaysia, SolarMate is a reliable brand of solar power heating systems in the country and globally.A Solarmate water heater is the product of more than 30 years of exceptional innovation and first-rate customer support to its lineup of clients — from residential and commercial to industrial applications. Here at Solar Haus, expect the most reasonable Solarmate water heater price and packages from installation and maintenance to repair. 

Solarmate Water Heater Installation

A successful Solarmate water heater installation can save you as much as RM 1,000; however, this amount can vary according to the number of users and existing size of a Solarmate solar water heaterRoof size considerations, specific applications, and valuable features will all have to be factored into a Solarmate water heater installation. Solarmate solar water heaters can be utilised for home use as well as for commercial and industrial applications, making them among the most flexible options available.

Solarmate Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance and thorough Solarmate water heater repair can keep your water heater working optimally even during the not-so-sunny days. Solarmate water heaters are built with durable external materials, making them less susceptible to wear and tear. Nevertheless, regular Solarmate water heater maintenance allows you to get as many benefits from your heating system as you did the first time after its installation. And while SolarMate guarantees up to 10 years of warranty coverage on their solar PV and solar water heating products, the right experts can always troubleshoot your existing solar water heating system during routine checkups or repairs.

Solarmate Water Heater Product Models

Residential | Commercial | Industrial 

  • Apollo –Vacuum Heat Pipe for Solar Hot Water System 
  • Classic Solar Panels for Solar Water Heating System 
  • Ruby High Performance Solar Panels for Solar Hot Water 
  • Sapphire – All Weather Solar Panels for Solar Heater

Solarmate Water Heater Installation from Solar Haus

Whether its Solarmate water heater installation or Solarmate water heater repair, we have the right people for it. Call or message us at Solar Haus to get started on your Solarmate request today.

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