Solarmax Solar Water Heater Reviews

SolarMaxx is a producer and supplier of reliable solar water heating systems as well as solar PV modules to clients in India, Malaysia, and the rest of the world. SolarMaxx solar water heaters, available in various capacities, are designed to cater to installations in homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. As pioneers of solar power systems in India, SolarMaxx continues to offer a wealth of solar power heating and PV technologies, such as solar panels and off-grid systems, across various markets including Malaysia.  

SolarMaxx Unique Features and Technology

  • Natural thermosiphon principle
  • Even and consistent heating even in cold weather 
  • Flexible water inflow technologies
  • Galvanized steel structure and construction
  • Built-in electrical boost as backup
  • Varied capacities availability 

SolarMaxx Solar Water Heater Advantages

  • Construction from premium-grade materials 

When you buy or invest in a solar water heater system from SolarMaxx, you know you are getting a water heater built from premium materials. These include fully galvanized structures and aluminium-coated outer tanks.

  • Cutting-edge water heating technology 

As a solar system pioneer in their originating country, SolarMaxx is known for research-backed water heating products. Although their solar power water heaters employ natural thermosiphon principles, it also allows for flexibly designed systems such as overhead tanks for cold water inflow and even pressurized pumps.

  • Electrical boost availability 

On days when the sun’s energy is not at its best, a SolarMaxx solar water heater will still produce naturally heated water due to its electrical backup or support, when and where needed.

  • Flexible capacities

Regardless of the water heating capacity needed for your home or business, SolarMaxx solar water heaters can readily accommodate a wide range of solar heating requirements.

  • Eco-friendly water heating 

If you have always wanted to invest in a water heater that minimizes or completely foregoes the use of natural gas or on-grid electricity, SolarMaxx is a good choice.

SolarMaxx Water Heater Product Models

  • Domestic/Residential solar water heaters 
  • Commercial and Industrial solar water heaters 

For SolarMaxx Solar Water Heating Solutions in Malaysia, Let Solar Haus Help

Whether you need residential solar water heaters or complete solar water heating systems for a business facility in Malaysia, we can help. SolarMaxx is known for their hard-working and dependable solar water heating products. Ask us today at Solar Haus to know more. 

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