Solar Water Heater Seremban

Install a solar water heater Seremban today and start seeing huge savings on your energy costs. Whether you’re using a water heater for home or business, going solar will make a world of difference. And with Seremban’s dry and tropical climate, there’s sure to be sufficient access to the sun’s power for most of the year. Solar Haus is your trustworthy, experienced, yet affordable solar water heater installer Seremban. We also provide solar water heater repair services at the best rates. 

Solar Water Heater Installer Seremban --- Why Go for Us?

Our expertise spans several areas within the timeline of a solar water heater’s life. As your solar water heater installer Seremban, we not only install your heater, we can also do regular maintenance to keep your unit working like new.  Most importantly, we can repair your solar water heater Seremban — in fact, a broken solar heater may just be clogged, infested with pests, or may need a few replaceable parts. We can look into repair issues such as the following: 

  • Non-working heating element
  • Pipe clogging from sediment collection 
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Faulty temperature valves 
  • Cessation of hot water production
  • And more

Talk to us today so we can address the most urgent issues with your solar water heating system in Seremban or other neighbouring areas.

Install Solar Water Heater Seremban Now

With a solar water heater Seremban, you can access comfortably-hot water in your home or business building without resorting to huge electricity or gas expenses. Here at Solar Haus, we can help you choose the most ideal systems from Solarhart, SUMMER, Solartech, or Solarmate given the tropical climate in Seremban. As your experienced and trusted solar water heater installer Seremban, Solar Haus can help not only with installation but also on maintenance and repairs. Message us today.

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