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Invest in a Kinetico water filter for your home or operations in Malaysia today. Whether you’re going for a Kinetico outdoor water filter or an indoor system, there is a water filtration device that’s best for your home. Here at Solar Haus, we can guide you into purchasing the Kinetico water filter that will work best with your existing setup. For instance, there are systems better suited for city water sources, while there are also those that are more apt for well water systems. Reverse osmosis or RO systems can be compatible with both city water and well water. 

Kinetico Outdoor Water Filter: What Can This Filter Do?

A Kinetico water filter aims to promote better health for the entire family through the easy access to clean, contaminant-free, and great-tasting drinkable water. While a Kinetico outdoor water filter offers first-level filtration and the removal of bigger sediments, an indoor filter takes care of the elimination of smaller particles in the water including harmful contaminants. With water contamination brought on by industrial, biological, and commercial pollutants, filtering water impurities is a growing concern globally. Water filtration aims to improve the quality, taste, and safety of water and water sources in your homes. 

Kinetico Water Filter Models

  • Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station 
  • AquaKinetic A200 Drinking Water System 
  • Kube Advanced Water Filtration System 
  • MACguard Filter
  • PFAS-POU Filtration System 
  • Kinetico K5 Filter Cartridges

Get Kinetico Water Filter Systems from Solar Haus

It’s time to prioritise clean and safe water sources right in your own home. Your family, loved ones, and children deserve it. A Kinetico water filter can be the best choice for your home or even your business establishment. Ensure great-tasting water that’s free from impurities when you go for a water filter. Book an appointment for a Kinetico outdoor water filter installation or maintenance and repair. Call or message us at Solar Haus. 

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