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Solar Plus Solar Water Heater Reviews

Solar Plus takes pride in the high heat efficiency and heat transfer of their innovative solar water heating systems. With a Solar Plus water heater, you easily get access to a hot water supply anytime you need it at home or in your business like restaurants, hotels, or offices. This is great for cleaning, cooking, dining, and sanitation purposes as well. Looking for the best Solar Plus water heater price in the market? We have some of the best offerings here at Solar Haus. Choose from among the various Solar Plus models available, from the SLPE Series to the SLPPE Series. 

Solar Plus Water Heater Installation Services

With several factors affecting the success of a Solar Plus water heater installation, going the solar route can be a challenge for many households. From choosing the solar collector and positioning it optimally to understanding the building codes in your area, the list can be overwhelming. At Solar Haus, we take the tough work out of a Solar Plus water heater installation so you can get the most value out of a Solar Plus water heater price. It’s time for you to make the eco-friendly choice with a solar water heating system right within your home or business.

Solar Plus Water Heater Models

  • SLPPH Series
  • SLPE Series
  • SLP Series

Solar Plus Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Your water heater, if cared for and maintained well, can last you for a long time. Due to prolonged use, water heaters can suffer from clogged pipes, scaling, or insufficient hot water output. For Solar Plus water heater repair or Solar Plus water heater maintenance, we’re the experts. Our years of experience in dealing with Solar Plus water heating systems have equipped us with the best tools.

Solar Plus Water Heater for Your Home or Business - Only from Solar Haus

Installing a water heater need not be a costly affair — with a professional team at hand, you can always have access to solar water heating installations at a good price. Our Solar Plus water heater installation and maintenance services are second to none. We can check your area to identify the best spots for an installation. Get in touch with us today

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