Lexsun Water Heater Reviews

Install the eco-friendly heating efficiency of Lexsun in your home. With a Lexsun water heater, you know you have a clean and hot water source in your home when you need it. You are guaranteed durable solar water heating systems with minimal maintenance. Choose to source your Lexsun water heater here at Solar Haus. We can give you the best Lexsun solar water heater price rates. Exceptional tank insulation, collector insulation, and optimal heat transfer ensure the best water heating output for your home or business.

Lexsun Solar Water Heater Installation

With a Lexsun solar water heater installation, what you get is a solar water heating system built to last. It features a marine-grade, stainless steel tank and an aluminum casing that resists corrosion. The entire system also comes protected with external casing against UV rays and protection during less-than-ideal weather conditions. To ensure the proper placement, positioning, and sourcing of your Lexsun heater, professional assistance is often required. Connect with us at Solar Haus to get started on a Lexsun installation or maintenance/repair for your home or office. 

Lexsun Solar Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Our team can diagnose and repair any kind of problem with your Lexsun water heater. Depending on which unit you have, we can fix problems concerning shading by trees or buildings, poor solar sourcing, clogged pipes, water leaks, corrosion, and more. Regularly conducted Lexsun solar water heater maintenance can help prevent costly Lexsun solar water heater repair procedures later on. A fully working solar water heater is an effective way to cut down on electricity costs while protecting the environment. With Lexsun, you get quality performance, affordability, and sustainability in one

Lexsun Solar Water Heater Product Models

  • LEXSUN Residential Systems 300 litres & 180 litres
  • LEXSUN Commercial Systems 300 litres & 180 litres

Lexsun Solar Water Heater Installation from Solar Haus

Investing in a Lexsun water heater is a cost-effective way for you to guarantee optimal heating in your home or business facility. For the most reliable Lexsun solar water heater maintenance or repair solutions, choose to work with the Solar Haus team. Message us today to get started. 

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