Solar Water Heater Tank Heating

Solar Water Heater Tank Heating

A solar water heater tank leaking is one of the most serious issues associated with solar water heating systems. Leaks within a system can occur in various areas, and not just the tank. For example, the evacuated solar tube collector can leak. Or, there may be a solar water heater panel leaking. Certain parts connected to the circulating pump may also cause minimal to severe leaking. Looking for immediate solar water heater leak repair solutions? Our team of experts at Solar Haus can help. Message us immediately for any leaking concern with your solar hot water system

Solar Water Heater Tank Leaking --- Common Reasons

Understanding the various reasons for a tank leak can help us identify areas for improvement as well as the need for more maintenance. Corrosion is a common reason for your solar water heater tank leaking. This is usually the case if the water stored in the tank has poor quality, as certain elements can cause or hasten the process of corrosion of the inner tank. Tank shrinkage due to pressure or incorrect welding of parts can also cause leaks. Oftentimes, too, the sealing may become worn and give way to leaks or cracks. Whether it’s a solar water heater panel leaking or the actual storage tank, it’s best to call on professionals to assess the damage and treat the issue as early as possible.

Solar Water Heater Leak Repair from Solar Haus

Leaks can occur without warning — even if the damage has been slowly increasing through the months or years. Our experts at Solar Haus can look at the common causes associated with a solar water heater tank leaking, from rusted parts and pipe holes to loosely fitted valves. Whether it’s the solar water heater panel leaking, tube collectors, or thermal transfer tubes, we have the best solar water heater leak repair services on site. Call us at Solar Haus so we can address your urgent leak repair needs without delay. 

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